Toni Weeks

What I like about EAA is its size: I feel overwhelmed to the point of paralysis with the bigger organizations. I end up plunking my money down for membership or adding myself to the correlating editorial/writing Facebook groups but then never participate. But EAA (and you!) are approachable, warm, and welcoming, so THANK YOU for that! I’m so glad I discovered EAA.

Pismo Beach, California, US
Tayler Bailey McLendon

I’m currently halfway through the Freelance Book Editing 101 course and cannot thank you enough for such an incredible resource.

Houston, Texas, US
Joshua Hayes-High

As a follow-up to their introductory course, I cannot recommend the Copyediting Practicum highly enough. This program is immensely helpful, both to those already trying to make it in the editing field, and those just starting out. This program really gives one the skills and the confidence to go out and do it.

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