Eva Kelly Hall

I have so much homework after this class! (That’s a good thing.) I learned so much and was given so many concrete, actionable ideas that I’ll be digesting it (and acting on it!) for weeks.

Sarah Czarny

The marketing class was just what I was looking for. Time is of a premium, and it was helpful to learn the tried-and-true methods that other editors use for marketing their business. Yet Susannah and Pat emphasized that there are lots of ideas out there and to use what works best for you. The lecture was jam-packed with information and the workbook has even more. It is nice to have a workbook to do activities that are specific to our own business and that has new information. It is not just a repeat of what was said in the lecture, it is even more!

Forth Worth, Texas, United States
Megan Rubiner Zinn

The Copyediting Group Mentorship was invaluable! It helped me make great progress on my copyediting skills and my confidence.

Northampton, Massachusetts, US
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